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Not Now, Not Never
Music And Lyrics By Mike Benoy

I fall from heaven to your feet. We never miss a beat.
In fall when summer calls to quit, we start to make a clique
Warm hands that wrap around your waist, the dreams we have will wait.
By now I try to start a fire, your eyes come to expire

The cameras call and the cameras click
I’ll be there ‘til morning
If you’ve given up and you want to quit
Don’t look back in anger
Backwards fall and your gonna trip
I’ll be there to catch you when you fall

Bright eyes in morning windows break, the glass falls at your feet
Run fast this morning soon will pass, as eyes will turn to glass
He’s gone and left you all alone, stuck standing in the cold
night air, where shadows come to quick and memories will stick

For now this bitter taste will end, you break apart your head
Break down to lose yourself in me, my heart just can’t compete
Head up, and keep yourself in check, this afternoons a wreck
Calm down from all this living hell, a pleasing sound will tell.