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"My Book Report On Life"
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Copyright 2007 Jester's Panic

Music And Lyrics By Mike Benoy

My hands are tired, it’s hard to breath
The air down here, I’m wallowing in all my self defeat
Don’t take to long, your bound to break
This bleeding heart, faster than an ordinary fake
You exhale air, you breath it in
Your lungs fill up, with all your endless fears from all the years

I’ll break down, to save you
I’ll come back to haunt you
You fall down, I’ll pick up
The pieces you let down
And when I will see you
I know that you’ll get through
For odd times we’ll make up
the old years have come down

The times pass by, my eyes grow tired
So fade to black, rolling backwards fade through all the past
The lights turn low, the spot light dims
At center stage, I’m quivering, my hands begin to shake
The question flies, I must decide
I’m waking up, moments before all my life will die

You And I were meant to be the ones who know how much we’ve given
Back and forth we tried to make up all the lies when we were children
So much more than every day for sullen eyes and back seat kiss’n
Summer skies and moons above the autumn sunset that we’re missing.