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"My Book Report On Life"
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Copyright 2007 Jester's Panic

Music And Lyrics By Mike Benoy

So Long, Fairwell I’ll miss you while I’m gone
And I can’t wait to put my arms ‘round you
And on this trip I’ll catch a falling star
And put it in a locket or a charm

I Know your right, but I can’t feel this way for you forever
Call back to earth and relay messages of cold december
Turn back the stars to see the memories of passing planets
I’ll wait for you, you said you’ld wait for me for just a little while

For now it’s said I’m calling back to say
I took the roads that always lead to you
And now, your gone, and so far out of reach
This time, I stop to hang my head and weep

I wait for you to return my last call
Untold, of truths when autumn turns to fall
My fears returned, I’ld never speak to you
To tell you of my stories to the moon